Our Vision :

                  To Be Your Reliable Partner In Factoring And Leasing Needs

PT. IFS Capital Indonesia “IFSI’ is  a multi-finance company with over 22 years of experience providing factoring and leasing services to small and medium enterprises in Indonesia.

IFSI is a subsidiary of the Singapore main board listed IFS Capital Limited and a founding member of International Factors Group (IFG) based in Brussels. IFSI’s membership with IFG, the Indonesian Financial Services Association (IFSA) and the Asian Financial Services Association (AFSA) positions IFSI to provide collection and other factoring services to exporters and importers in Indonesia. Whether you are a trader, manufacturer or service provider, our experienced and qualified people are well equipped with our array of services, wide network and worldwide alliances to work with you on your cash flow needs and to fulfill your financing requirements in your acquisition of industrial machinery and other capital assets.